You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one ~ John Lennon

I love the idea to be able to reveal the beauty of a vintage piece hidden by dust.

I am Khalida, mother to 3 young children who tries her best to juggle between the various roles that I have to play in a day!

After being an executive in Paris and having tasted the exciting but hectic lifestyle, I felt the need to slow down. I have always been someone who needs to work with my hands. I started sewing when I was 15 years old and a few years ago I gave the upholstery a try. I was impressed by how an old piece of furniture could transform and become modern in my hands!


I feel that I am consuming responsibly when  I  rework a vintage furniture piece so that it fits the current design trends but besides that, I love the idea to be able to reveal the beauty of a vintage piece hidden by dust.


I am currently developing my second business which takes me back to my Moroccan Berber roots. I am collaborating with some exceptional women from the Middle Atlas in Morocco to sell their handwoven Beni Ouarain rugs in Switzerland. 

I believe that we cease to grow if we cease to learn & create!

I am Prachi, an eternal student of life, trying to manage the learning with the zillion ideas that pop up in my head every second!

Transformation is my keyword, I have always loved transforming objects and I am doing my best to contribute towards "zero waste" hence converting old to new, reusing it, giving it a new life or a new place is important to me.


I love antique/vintage furniture/objects because they have lived, they have a story to tell and when they come to me I feel that by giving them a new look I am letting them live a bit longer with a new story to tell. This is why furniture/object redesigning appeals to me the most. 

I studied & worked in communications, then in fashion & costume design in Paris and finally now, I am onto my real path which is working as an Ayurveda practitioner/therapist. Ayurveda as my main activity allows me to transform myself & others spiritually and physically. And it is the foundation for my creativity.